Mesotherapy - Beauty Injections best treatment for cellulite, weight loss, spot reduction, skin rejuvenation

As we age the level of naturally occurring nutrients in our skin decreases considerably, leading to the appearance of ageing skin and the formation of lines, wrinkles and a thinning of the epidermis. The meso cocktail acts as a supplement offering the skin a nutritional feed, strengthening the dermis and promoting collagen and fibroblast production. Its anti-oxidant properties promote free radical scavenger activities. Hyaluronic acid attracts water and aids in hydrating the skin and improving texture and tone.

The procedure requires a series of extremely superficial, micro injections transporting a cocktail of  different vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and essential amino acids into the skin. What the sun, pollution and other harmful environmental factors take from the skin, mesotherapy can put back.

What happens during the Mesotherapy treatment?

mesotherapy facial needle treatment Multiple injections using a very fine needle are administered immediately beneath the surface of the skin. It will help to improve circulation, replace lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids, or boost levels of hyaluronic acid. Treatment is not painful but slight discomfort will be experienced. A topical anaesthetic can be applied prior to treatment.
To achive the best results micro-injections are given every couple of weeks for two to three treatment courses.

What is the recovery time after Mesotherapy treatment?

After the treatment, possible side effects are small bruises, which vanish in a few days, and a little swelling in the injected area, which remains for about 12 - 36 hours, excessive skin redness and swelling. Although these effects are rare and expected to be temporary.
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